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and cell phones, in order to conserve energy in the event that we lose power, turned the brightness down. make sure you close out the phone soons on your you can have your cell phone ready. if you need to call, you will not be able to plug-in because you have lost power. that is a way to conserve energy on your cell phone. >> our live and continuing coverage of hurricane city continues in just a moment. do not go anywhere -- of >> and the time right now is about 6:40. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the hurricane. thank you for staying with us. we will check in with our chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it looks like it is pushing close to onshore. here we are at 20 minutes until 7:00. it looks like the heaviest rain bands, are moving on shore. if this satellite imagery is as the storm system begins to push inland, not a really big center core at least that we can see on the satellite imagery. there is some circulation on the south jersey shore. perhaps getting close to landfall, and the potential of this hurricane to be pretty close to the crows. if not already moving on
in which you will be without energy. >> reporter: at the massachusetts store? power supplies were hot items. >> i have generators, make sure we have oil, flash lights, got to be prepared. >> reporter: storm surge is another worry, with a full moon, sunday night being a difficult combination, it sent the area in norfolk, virginia, out to sea. others sought safe harbor. and along the new jersey shore, these people sought safe harbor >> i may as well take the right steps, get the boat out of the way. whatever is going to happen will happen >> reporter: this boat yard couldn't keep up with requests. >> no, i'm sorry, we can't take boats out of the water. >> reporter: they're bracing for the worst here on point pleasant beach. the workers built sandbags and built along the doors of concession stands, and up on roofs, usually they took time putting away the ride, now they're trying to get it done by sunday. >> it is all hands on deck thing. just everybody pitching in and making sure we can get everything taken care of before the storm hits >> reporter: there are also five oil refineries in the pa
, as we said energy is preparing for the total shutdown of mass transit areas. crews are going door to door urging people to get to safety. >> reporter: this is a mandatory evacuation, not only in lower manhattan, but in other areas of the city. areas like queens, staten island, as shown in yellow on the map. they could see storm surges anywhere between 6 and 12 feet. many of those residents spent the day today packing up and heading to safer areas of the city or out of the city all together. some are still opting to stay tonight, that is of great concern for new york's mayor michael bloomberg, his biggest fear is that people will not leave and emergency workers will potentially lose their lives trying to rescue them, some 76 evacuation centers have been set up in the area and, lester, the water behind me, if those storm surges as predicted could be as high as my knees or waist. >> there are also evacuations for low-lying areas along the connecticut coast. katie turr is on the beach in fairfield for us tonight. katie, good evening. >> reporter: and lester, the wind has been picking
and the police. >> it gives us the energy and the strength to carry on our jobs and move forward. >> reporter: this lady's husband, ron, runs the crew. she has been in this kitchen since sandy hit, even with a bad back. >> we appreciate it, thank you. >> call me. >> reporter: like most here, this family was hit hard by the storm. on the morning we met laura, she still had not seen her damaged house, too busy helping out her neighbors. >> because people who watch this in indiana, or ohio, right, and they will go what motivates her to be able to come in here and do what she is doing? >> i'm a giving person, that is how i am. don't let me get emotional, i can't get emotional. >> reporter: that afternoon, she and her husband finally made it to the house, four feet of water, debris, a thick layer of black mud everywhere. and still looking on the bright side. >> god was good, that is for sure. because this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: after a brief break to survey the damage, it is back to work. >> you're here to serve the community, so when you join, you didn't join for anything excep
? >> reporter: look, what we have been talking about, the race became frozen, all the energy and news accounts, all the attention is focused on the real suffering in the storm zone, the president is doing his job, not campaigner-in-chief, but president, in the disaster zone, on the ground, i think the images with him and governor chris christie, his praise of the president when he has been so critical, any incumbent benefits, both sides know it. is that what carries a person into election day? there is a real feeling that it benefits the president. >> all right, david gregory, we'll see you after "meet the press" and of course after the election coverage, gets under way 7 eastern on tuesday night. >>> still ahead on a friday night in the wake of this storm, would you believe predictions of another possible weather event that could bring insult to injury here in the northeast? >>> and later in the middle of the storm, one of the many stories of inspiration, a woman making a difference for her neighbors in need. >>> a lot of people perhaps are just hearing of yet another storm, that is perhaps g
, it will get energy from the temperature contrast. it looks like this will steer it into us. the latest report has it moving northeast. we will wait to see it moved to the northwest. that will be crucial. it is 29.11 on the barometer. it is expected to become more intense. it may set records for bear much pressures as it comes onshore. -- for barometric pressures as it comes onshore. it is possible if it could very as it makes the turn to the northwest. you will see the eye on the new jersey coast line at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. cold air will be pulled in generating snow. it works its way and west into the mountains. the cold air strikes to sweep toward baltimore. snow could mix with rain on tuesday. they are going to measure snow by the foot in west virginia. it is possible three or 4 feet of snow could come down with the system. the wind will gradually diminish midweek. the purple areas are 50-mile an hour wind coming in with the tomorrow.marke the eye works its way over. it continues to race towards the mountains into tuesday morning. the winds will slowly diminished. around the bay on tue
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)